Sg906pro Brushless Drone de Mise à niveau de Charge Rapide d'Origine de 7,6 v 3400 Mah de Grande Capacité de Batterie au Lithium

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  • Emballage: Boîte De Couleur
  • couleur 1: (2A)
  • Taille: other
  • RC Pièces et Acc: Batteries LiPo
  • Pour Le Type De Véhicule: Les hélicoptères
  • Contrôle À Distance Des Périphériques/Périphériques: Batterie
  • Numéro De Modèle: SG906PRO
  • 3C catégorie de configuration: Jouets de plus de 14
  • Âge Applicable: Les jeunes (15-35 ans)
  • Jouets matériel: En plastique
  • Matériel: En plastique
  • couleur: 4V 2800mAh(1A)
  • Outil De Fournitures: Batterie
  • Quatre roues motrices Attributs: Batterie
  • Mise À Niveau Des Pièces/Accessoires: La Batterie Au Lithium

SG906pro mise à niveau de la batterie

Version ordinaire: 1A courant nominal, 7.4 V, 2800mah

Version améliorée: 2A courant nominal, 7.6 V 3400mah

Exquis indépendant de la boîte d'emballage

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Unfortunately this item was never received. The seller said that the buyer confirmed receiving it. Aliexpress need to start taking control and enforcing business ethics. I am a Diamond member and have about 3000 orders. about 40 have never arrived and I never get action taken by Aliexpress. in general the sellers are fantastic and try their best. However some take your money and forget about you. Aliexpress must fix it or tell me to use another group like Amazon!
Bullet 8
Not received the battery
I want to thank the seller's management that allowed me to arrive in my country something that supposedly has strict restrictions on your transport. Salesman. You are a God! The seller was always very attentive and always responded to all my queries. Although previously on two other occasions my purchase was returned to the country of origin, still the seller helped me buy with confidence and this time everything turned out to be perfect. I absolutely recommend it! The battery works beautifully and meets the flight minutes proposed in the description. (About 28 minutes flight and 6 hours cargo)
Viki V2007
The seller announced the call by AliExpress standard (Free faster), but took days to deliver it to the carrier. After shipping, Chinese customs suspended delivery and gave the order to seller, denied to me and to the AliExpress that had received back. In summary: the seller lied and did not return the money. Dishonest. Not recommend